A community for Android users, by Android users. All Android-based smartphone and tablet device users are welcomed here.

There are millions of Android users, as over 90% of the mobile market is dominated by the Android mobile OS. While Apple owns the iOS, our free and open-source mobile OS is much better in every sense because of those reasons! It’s free and open-source! The thing about mobile devices is, it’s hard to find mobile games. That’s why we highly recommend trying out and see if it’s right for your gaming needs.

When you have data from millions of users, there are far less issues to work with. The problems that come up get fixed right away. Apple will take a very long time update their OS or to put out a quick-patch for those hotfixes – not with Android. We are able to fix all the issues that come up right away, with the tip of our fingers. All we have to do is do some Googling and let our brain and fingers take over. Phones have never been more advanced, and they’ve never been cooler. We live in the golden age where technology is so advanced, they almost seem effortless. Think back just 10 years – what did we have? The very first iPod came out in 2001 and it was absolutely terrible. Just a few years later, in 2004, we had the fourth gen iPod with 60GB of memory. Now, this is with a mechanical, or, clicky wheel, non-touch display and very mediocre UI. It also had a terrible battery life.

Now, just ten years in the future, we have a touch screen, we are able to browse the web, take pictures, do anything that a computer can do in the palm of our hands. With the Android OS, we can do even more! Android lets us toy around with the OS as well as the apps themselves. There is always room for improvement when you are using and Android OS whereas you will find yourself being limited when using iOS.